Emergency Medical Services

We hope you don’t need emergency medical services, but when the time comes that you or a family member needs them, be confident in the quality of services provided by the trained professionals of Pocahontas Community Hospital.

Patrick Mooney EMS Director –EMS County Coordinator

712-335-5200 Ext. 2281


Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. for routine business

For an ambulance please call 911

 Left to right back row- Morgan Olson, Patrick Mooney, Clint Nelson, Dave Kraft, Anna Leu

Left to right front row-Rebecca Mooney, Shelley Stumpf, Shawn Nagel, Brenda Rivera

Not in the photo- Loren Booth, Shane Caraway, John Dahl, Randy Fosburgh, Jon Gastelum, Ed Gross, Ron Hapes, Sarah Hertz, Sherry Juilfs, Jim Van Sickle, Tessa Wallace, Jodi Clausen