Replica Watches-Rubber watchband maintenance tips

In fact, not only the case and movement of the watch need to be maintained, but also the strap of the replica watches. Next, the author will briefly introduce to you the correct maintenance of rubber straps.

Some people in the industry have pointed out that, in fact, rubber straps have obvious advantages over watches made of other materials in terms of water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance, especially in hot summer and humid environments. The watch strap is more capable of handling such a special environment, and because of this, more and more watch friends have a soft spot for rubber straps.

Although rubber straps have so many advantages, rubber straps are not perfect, especially after exposure to strong sunlight and acidic substances, the damage to rubber straps is still great. In reality, once the rubber strap is dirty, it needs to be cleaned in time. Put the rubber strap in warm water fake watches with detergent, and then soak the rubber strap in it for about 15 minutes. , Then put it in cold water and soak for 15 minutes, then take it out and wipe it dry. Finally, apply a layer of silicone oil on the rubber strap and place it in a dry, ventilated and cool environment to dry. In this way, the rubber watch The belt is back to the original state of beauty.